Friday, January 05, 2007

EDM 231 - Regulation of Homework

Not the sexiest of headlines on this blog, but one of the most important. The National Group on Homeworking is asking MPs to sign Early Day Motion 231, which now has the sponsorship of Ann Cryer MP, in their ongoing campaign to win full employment rights for homeworkers. Currently thousands of homeworkers miss out on key rights such as maternity leave, pension rights or protection against unfair dismissal/redundancy because their employment status is unclear. Some are even denied the National Minimum Wage. So a change in the law is needed. Sharpish.

The EDM reads: "That this house believes homeworkers deserved the same employment rights and protections as those employed in factories or offices and that employment rights should therefore be extended to homeworkers, using the 1999 Employment Act which allows for the extension of employment rights to groups of workers not currently covered."

To apply more pressure, you could contact your local MP(s) and urge him/her/them to support the campaign.

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