Thursday, January 11, 2007

Homeworking with/without children

One of the problems of homeworking commonly cited is how to keep your children away from your home office (and clients). Naturally this can be rather a distraction or in the scenario of jam in the laptop, even potentially business-threatening. But I'm experiencing a slightly different reaction to my youngest child starting school. Until last week I would work in the mornings after the school run, then pick him up from nursery around noon. At this point my working from home schedule would pretty much grind to a halt with occasional 10 minute pauses when he would very patiently play quietly while Daddy talked to somebody important on the telephone. Now he's at school until 3.20pm each day, I'm finding that it's strangely quiet at home and indeed that this quiet is distracting in itself (it's like going into an office and finding you're the only one there). It doesn't affect me in the mornings, a time when I'm used to his absence, only the afternoons when there's nobody there to colour in with.

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