Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Law needs changing

According to Jim Davenport writing in The Wilmington Star ('the voice of Southeastern North Carolina), State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel spent his weekend at his "virtual office". Nothing wrong with that, you might think. However, a law still in force since 1801, says the state treasurer "shall keep open and attend in his office from nine o'clock in the morning until two in the afternoon every day, Sundays, public holidays and the two succeeding days to Christmas excepted." Ravenel, apparently no fan of working Saturdays, is seeking a change in the law. "The actual bricks and mortar office had no support staff so there's no need for me to be there," Ravenel said. "There's nobody there to assist. There's no point in being in an office where there's no support staff. So I have a virtual office."

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