Sunday, January 07, 2007

What not to wear when you're homeworking

New 'research' from BT Broadband Talk confirms many callers' suspicions: that loads of people in Britain talk on the phone when they're naked. 49 per cent of people questioned said that they were happy to talk to friends and family when unclothed at home. Apparently women are much more likely than men to do this (57 per cent vs 40 per cent). A quarter of people questioned also said that they used phone calls as a way of pretending they were elsewhere – this figure rises among males, 30 per cent of whom regularly use the advantage of not being seen to make the person they are speaking to think they are somewhere else (what a marvellouse ruse chaps). The research also says that 83 per cent of people questioned say that they carry out other activities while speaking on the phone.

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