Sunday, January 14, 2007

Writers' Rooms

The Guardian newspaper's Saturday Review section has a new series featuring, well, writers' rooms with a wellknown writer talking about their home office space which is illustrated by a great photo from the estimable Eamonn McCabe. Last week Beryl Bainbridge kicked things off with a voyage around her study (complete with various guns) and on Saturday it was the turn of Michael Frayn. For some reason it's not on the paper's extremely comprehensive web site, making it hard for me to link to, so to sum up, Frayn likes to work in what he describes as "an impersonal space", though he does write sitting opposite a wall of family photographs. My favourite quote: "Somerset Maugham said that writers should sit with their back to the window. I sit sideways most of the time. Moderation in this, as in all things."

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