Monday, January 25, 2010

Virginia Hand: shedworker

A nice piece in the Seattle Times by Valerie Easton looks at shedworking in general and garden designer Virginia Hand in particular. Here's an excerpt:
She needed an office, her house wasn't big enough, so she squeezed an attractive little structure into her Queen Anne back garden. The building is only 10 by 12 feet, but it is light and airy due to the high ceiling, multiple windows and wood-trimmed French doors opening to the garden.

The efficiently organized office allows for a computer, space to draw, store supplies, even room for a cat to curl up on the windowsill. The floor is concrete, the roof metal and decked out with a rain chain to harvest water for irrigating the garden. Hand hoped to spend about $100 a square foot, but her office retreat ended up costing, with heat and good-quality windows, nearly double that. "It's simplified my life not to commute to work," says Hand. "Everything I need is right here, with enough separation from the house."
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