Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Studioni enters garden office blogosphere

The new blog from garden office supplier Studioni looks very promising indeed. They certainly have ambitious aims, stating that the blog is not a sales pitch but an attempt to "shake our industry into a sense of responsibility for the environment and inform consumers by publishing expert opinions". They are particularly keen to include guest posts from people with specialist knowledge of engineering, thermal values, ecology, and the environment and recent posts include intriguing takes on everything from landscaping your garden office nicely into your garden to a thoughtful look at who exactly you should buy your garden office from. Well worth a browse.
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  1. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I'm a bit confused by gallery shots on Studioni's website because I've seen some of them before on another company's site. I think it was Garden Lodges.

  2. Hi Anonymous.
    You raise an interesting point. I'm sure a lot of companies find it difficult to police the internet, as we do. Here's a link from a GL customer:

  3. I looked at studioni blog. As I see it "a blog" is an online information resource. Shedworking is a valuable resource clearly of interest to shedworkers and suppliers. My point is that the blog journalist / blog author must be transparent in management of the resource. i.e. It is ok for the editor of the daily mirror to support the labour party and the editor of shedworking to promote his own book - but not for the editor of studioni blog to use it as a crusade / rant about the benefits of his own outsourced products.

    We are all being bombarded with info about social media (web 2.0) it has a valuable place as a great info resource and networking environment if used carefully / ethically.

  4. I think there is value in giving customers information and experience in dealing with sheds or garden offices.
    If someone set up a blog giving advice on my industry (graphics), the way Studioni has for this one, I would welcome it.
    Although I can see why some competing brands may feel a bit threatened by the frankness.
    I ‘m shopping for an upgrade and have found some of the guides very helpful, especially on thermal qualities - I asked a local company directly and got fobbed off with an answer I really didn't understand or believe.
    Good blog– more appealing than the usual spam spin, for a customer.