Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heather Bestel - shedworking tip of the month

Life is Taxing

I’m going to make an assumption that because you are a shedworker you are probably self-employed and at this time of year the self-employed are doing one of two things: congratulating themselves for getting their tax return in well before the due date or running around panicking over the shoe box full of receipts that sit in front of them. Bet you thought this year you’d be more organised!

Well unless you take massive action in this area, nothing will change.Don’t put it off until the weekend ~ do it today! Carve out an hour and just do it. Post off your return or save even more time and do it online and promise yourself that next year things will be different.

Well before April 5 set up a system. It only takes minutes a day to put all your receipts in a designated place, give yourself half an hour each week to input your figures into your accounts package and set aside just one hour per month to reconcile and send out invoices. Do this and you will never be taxed by your tax return again.

Remember: The more you do, the less you will pay your accountant. Use that as motivation!
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  1. I agree that one of the hardest things on the tax form is collating all the required papers. A few years back I put in a check list and when a document is provided that's on the list I check it off. Normally around about August I double check the list and chase down anything that's needed. Even though this year I used the online system I still try to get it done for the old September deadline.