Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lunchbook: mobile meals for shedworkers

This is a marvellous idea from aberrant architecture: a mobile dining lorry which serves tasty food to shedworkers and other homeworkers in specific neighbourhoods after they have ordered their lunches online earlier in the day. Go to their site for more details and download the brochure for far more details about their working from home plans (which include sticking fake lift doors on the inside of your home office to make it feel like you're inside a traditional office building). aberrant have lots of great homeworking research and ideas on their site so do explore it - among their previous works was a design for the Boscombe bathing huts last year. Here's how they explain it:
Individual colour-coded beach huts are co-joined under a single unifying structure, designed to echo the sculptural roofline of historical beach hut architecture. Each hut boasts a lightweight collapsible canvas structure, which can be taken onto the beach to provide its occupier with a mobile anchoring point, allowing enjoyment of the beach with the benefit of a shaded private area.
Via dezeen
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