Thursday, January 14, 2010

Choosing a shed - Expandakabin

While timber garden offices dominate the shedworking market, there are alternatives. Expandakabin from Extraspace is made from fully galvanised steel with a guttered roof, double glazed u-PVC window, insulated panels, and optional full length panel windows. It's an easily portable, flatpacked garden office unit which comes in a range of sizes (coming soon the new EK2 2.3m x 2.2m model which reinforces what we said last year about a growing interest in smaller spaces) and is nicely modular so you can easily add (or indeed take away) sections to adjust the size of your garden office.No specialist tools are needed to assemble the kit and a spokesman for Extraspace told Shedworking that it can be ready for use in just an hour and a half. A nice page of technical details here and prices here.


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Good to see something 'different' other than timber construction buildings - well found!

  2. Martin1:53 PM

    It looks soooo bland and uninspiring. It may be functional and extendable, but it wouldn't win any design or aesthetic awards.

    Manufacturers should consider that shedworking sheds are often visible from the house, so should also look good!

  3. Roger3:10 PM

    I disagree with Martin, I think it looks different but still makes a statement. The timber builds are fine but can sometimes feel a bit chocolate boxy and cutesy. This is something a bit different and if what they say is true about putting it together, then its the kind of kit which is really appealing.

  4. I think Martin has missed the point somewhat. By the looks of it, this building offers far higher security and adaptability than your average timber build. Added to which, you can take it down, relocate it and extend it. It's not so much a shed as a portable building.