Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Boosting the wi-fi signal in your garden office

That's the topic under discussion at Askaboutmoney.com where this question was posted:
I have an Eircom Netopia modem. I have a garden office. The router is placed in the window of my house directed at the garden office and I can get a 4-5 bars wireless signal around the window area of my garden office. But when I move the laptop to the back room of the office,then the signal drops to 2 bars. I have been looking a various options,but I think that a wireless repeater may be the best option. Is my best option to place a wireless repeater in the window of the garden office which should possibly catch a good signal from the Netopia router and then transmit on a strong signal to the back room of the home office? If so can someone recommend a repeater(s) that works well with the Netopia 2247 router. If not can anyone recommend another wireless solution(s)
If this is a problem you've had, then it's well worth scrolling down to the, sometimes quite technical, comments and answers.
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  1. I am considering using a HOMEPLUG system to provide my office with internet/network. Anyone else had any experience of this?

  2. We are just in the process of moving house. In rented as an interim for two and a bit months whilst I renovate the new house (top to bottom).

    At the old place I used a Belkin wireless range extender in my garden office.

    When the new office is built (the kit arrives next week, goody cos it is bigger and better) I shall use the same setup.

    I think I am right in saying that quite a few wireless ADSL Modem / Cable Modem / Router combos have this facility.

  3. David9:47 AM

    Interesting wifi test here -