Friday, January 15, 2010

Retreat space + craft and design studios by Simon Woodhall

Here are some lovely shedworking spaces with a heavy emphasis on green and recycled materials designed and built by Ashburton-based Simon Woodhall and his team. Above and below is a secluded meditation and retreat looking across the Dart valley. It's built with cob, stone and oak taken from the landscape it's in, with reclaimed timber from Devonport docks. Here's what Simon says about it:
The plan was conceived as a series of spiralling terrace levels, protected from the north by a massive, curved earth wall, which stores heat from the glazed south-west elevation. Two roofs meet over the room, with the glazed connection giving views to Dartmoor from an upper level.
Above is a craft studio in Dartmoor with a wonderful roof structure. The larch used for cladding was felled on site and floor beams were reclaimed from a local tile-works.Finally, a writer's room and design studio in Ashburton with a cantilevered roof held in place by ties to the ground. Among many marvellous features, when seen from the house above, the green sedum roof looks like a lawn. Materials for the project were taken from pre-existing garden sheds, and windows came from council refurbishment works.

Lots more details and photos about these and other projects here. Many thanks to Annie Leymarie for the alert

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