Friday, January 22, 2010

Moobaacluck: shedworkers

Moobaacluck is a smashing range of gifts and stationery for children (and the young at heart) started 18 months ago by illustrator Gabriella Buckingham. Most of the range can be personalised to make a unique item or gift and commissions are welcome (Gabriella designs each piece and a local craftsman cuts the sustainable birch shapes).Here's what she says about her garden office:
"Working in the shed is fabulous - my own little haven where I can just be and get lost in painting. I love it. Also I rarely take my phone in there so it really is peaceful - just me and Radio 4 - bliss. One day it will be surrounded with a cutting garden. It's really warm when the sun is shining and freezing in winter when it isn't (although in the summer on a cloudy day it's just right). At the moment we run a cable from the garage through a little hole in the window frame to plug in a fan heater. When we built the summerhouse we did concrete in a cable but a rat ate through it and we just haven't got around to seeing if it can be salvaged... two years on!!"

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