Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 is the year of the shed at the V&A

The V&A is preparing early for National Shed Week with two major exhibitions featuring sheds and shedlike atmospheres. Currently running (until February 7) is the Metropolitan Police’s first 'fakes and forgeries' exhibition which features over 100 fake works of art as well as, points out that other shed blog, a tip top recreation of the garden shed (pictured above) in which Shaun Greenhalgh produced various Lowrys, Hepworths and Roman antiquities made from melted down Roman coins. His B&Q drills and polishers as well as other equipment are also part of the exhibit.

Then later in the year (June 8 - August 30) is a real treat. The V&A has commissioned several international architects to build shedlike structures throughout the museum on the theme of the 'retreat'. Here's what they say:
The starting point for these experimental projects will be the idea of a small enclosed space representing an escape from the chaos of urban life to an area for peace, contemplation, shelter or creativity. One of the central aims of the exhibition is to move away from explaining architecture through drawings and models and instead allow the visitor to experience the architecture itself.
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  1. Yes it is about time we got away from some of these cheap boring square sheds and designed a shed with a difference. Did they come up with anythig interesting?

  2. Great article on how to make the most of a small garden space. Maximising limited spaces is a key trend in the media and with gardeners with shows like Amazing Spaces on TV right now.