Friday, January 08, 2010

Count On It: shedworkers

Lyndsey Young runs design agency Open Design and Communication Ltd and has diversified into product invention/innovation: Count On It labels - scratch-off labels to show if your food is still fresh and safe to chomp - is the first product she has launched into the market place. "I like having a dedicated work area which is completely separate from my home life," she says. "In the past when I worked from my spare room, it was always very difficult to arrange meetings with clients. I never felt professional inviting them into my home and then conducting the meeting at a kitchen table or in my lounge. I would often arrange to meet them in my local cafe or pub - but there were privacy issues and it took more time out of my day than necessary. Now, I can invite people into my garden office, it not only looks professional, it is convenient, distraction-free and I can keep home life separate from business."I also have a fabulous view. I can see down my garden and across the fields at the back and there is nothing better than opening the doors when it's warm and hearing the birds sing whilst I work. And with the problems facing the country at the moment with commuting in the snow, all I need to do is walk a few steps and I am at my office - not only quick, but safe and eco-friendly."There's actually an interesting twist to this shedworking story but you'll have to wait until next week for that...

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