Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Pod from Archipod

The spherical Pod from York-based Archipod (pronounced 'ark-ee-pod') is an insulated, prefab, curved plywood shedworking space roughly 3m in diameter (and a height of 2.5m from floor to underside of the rooflight) specifically targeted at the garden office market. They are also working on a 'Fatpod' of 4m diameter which could be used as a meeting room space. Features include the pleasing roof dome, double glazed stainless steel porthole window with our old friend Western Red Cedar for external cladding (though they are also looking at reclaimed copper, stainless steel, and recycled car tyres as alternative claddings), and a snazzy semi-circular desk. It'a also fully insulated using fibreglass insulation made from recycled glass. There's a rather nice photomontage option too: send them a photo of where you'd like to put it in your garden and they will add in a 'Pod' and send it back to you.
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  1. What goes round, comes round, they say!

  2. Anonymous10:26 PM

    We loved the POD. Here is our take on the shed from Archipod.