Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shedworking and workhubs: your input appreciated

This is a guest post from longstanding friend of Shedworking, Lisa Thompson of Live Work Network. is inviting shed workers in the Milton Keynes and South Midlands to fill in an online survey (click here to take the survey or see, left hand panel) designed to test the appeal locally of workhubs, spaces where you can collaborate with other small businesses and self-employed freelancers, and use shared work facilities and equipment.

The survey is for anyone running a business from their home, or garden, in the MKSM ‘target growth’ area. The research is being carried out for the Milton Keynes South Midlands executive team which is keen to do more to help its home-based entrepreneurs. It will also feed into a national report is writing on the truly impressive workhub models being set up across the UK and their role in a low carbon economy.

The survey should be a doddle to complete with most questions requiring simple box ticking. Any home-based businesses are encouraged to complete the form quickly but the research will be ongoing. This work is being jointly funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government, the Homes and Communities Agency, the Commission for Rural Communities and two regional development agencies including SEEDA.

Email with any queries by clicking here.
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