Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 5 best heaters to warm up your garden office

There's a cracking article in the New York Times by Stephen Treffiger who roadtests 10 portable space heaters and then gives a rundown of the five best - the results will be of particular interest of course to shedworkers. Here's what he did:
First, I cooled down my bedroom — a 13-by-13-foot room with 10-foot ceilings and two large windows — to 55 degrees by turning off the radiator and opening a window. Then, I closed the window and the door, placed each heater in a corner near the radiator and, turning the heater up to its highest setting, timed how long it took to heat the room to 65 degrees; most took less than a half-hour. I also tried each heater as I worked at my desk, to see how it fared at warming up a small area.
Well worth a browse. Pictured is the Holmes Ultra Quiet Ceramic Heater.
Via lifehacker. Thanks to Nathan Jones for the alert
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  1. Alex are there any portable heaters that work without a mains connection?

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