Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Don Vardo

Maybe the next big thing in the world of shedworking will be the equivalent of the work/live setup. If so, something like the Don Vardo from Portland Alternative Dwellings would be a highly suitable way forward: it specifically says on the site that it would be great as a writing/guest studio since it features not only a pull-out double bed and kitchen nook but also a desk and radiant heat floors. Here is a very brief rundown of the specs:

* New, powder-coated 7×10-foot trailer with brakes and lights
* Metal snap-lock roofing over water and ice shield
* Cedar siding over a rain shield for superior moisture control
* Wood/metal clad, low-e argon-insulated, double-hung windows
* Cedar deck, Arched transom window with tempered glass
* Custom made french doors and corbols using Reclaimed Douglas Fir
* RV style power plug
Via Jetson Green
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