Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Shedworking in the cold

It is cold out there (I've just come back from a meeting and had to scrape the ice off the inside of my car's windscreen). Twitter is alive today with shedworkers talking about how they're dealing with the current bracing weather in the UK. Earlier this morning @TowcesterNews said "how many shedworkers are in warm jackets today - most I'll bet" and here's a quick rundown of what some are doing:

@Man_in_a_Shed Heating keeps my Shed warm, but I get cold feet even though the floor is off the ground and has a carpet with backing

long johns and a portable heater are doing the trick. It's cold but it beats the hell out of travelling to work

@kenrayner Just fitted some Thermawrap to shed roof in attempt to save heat. Up to 13c now! Toasty.

@DuffersC I have resorted to the laptop in front of the fire!

@andrewprice It's barely 1degree above. SO glad I'm not working in the garden office!

@JudithMorgan Is this the toughest day of the year? I think it is. Haven't made it to the garden office yet, its too cold down there. Just warming it up

Snowy shed pic by StarrGazr
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  1. It was -4ÂșC in the Workshopshed last night so there was no shed working to be done.