Monday, January 25, 2010

Open Construction/Open Spaces

Open Construction was established in January 2009 by Jason Young who has had more than 20 years in the construction industry. Taking the decision to run their businesses from home, both Jason and his wife Lyndsey (who came up with Count On It, previewed here last week) needed dedicated workspace out of the home to be able to run their businesses professionally and successfully. With a reasonably large garden, a garden office seemed to be the perfect solution. Rather than buy a garden office 'off the peg' they decided to combine their design and construction skills and build themselves their own garden office.

Built on insulated concrete foundation slab, the timber framed construction is fully insulated and is finished with 'thermowood' timber cladding. With timber sliding folding doors and large full height windows, all double glazed, the office has lots of natural light, yet is cosy enough to work in, even throughout the recent snowy conditions. The interior of the office comes with plastered walls and ceiling, laminate flooring (which floats on a sub floor of chipboard and insulation) with chrome electrical fittings and downlighters.

Since moving into the office they have received so many positive comments about the space and the flexibility of its use, e.g. consultation room, studio, teenagers den or even a garden lounge, Open Construction has now added it to its portfolio of products and services, under the name of 'Open Spaces'.

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