Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tony Hart: shedworker

The marvellous artist Tony Hart who sadly died earlier this year was a keen shedworker. In an article for The Times about his working habits he wrote:
"Every day since Jean [his wife] and I had come to live in Shamley Green in 1965 I had followed a regime. After breakfast I would adjourn to my studio, built in my garden. I would work until Jean called me in to lunch, and then went back to my studio until 4pm, when I would change my shoes and set forth on a four-mile Gurkha-pace jog through the Surrey Hills."
There's a touching video on the BBC web site of a Morph flashmob organised by a Facebook group in honour of Tony Hart which is a must-see for anybody who remembers this lovely chap and his work.

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