Monday, March 09, 2009

Enter the Le Corbusier Cabanon competition

To coincide with the the Le Corbusier exhibition taking place at the RIBA, Blueprint and Cassina have launched a competiton for visitors to design their own retreat. Le Corbusier drew the initial sketches for the Cabanon in 45 minutes so Blueprint asked leading architects to imagine their own retreat, and sketch this for them in 45 minutes. You can see images and videos of these modern-day cabanons on the Blueprint website (entry details on RIBA's site here). There are some marvellous designs including Christophe Egret from Studio Egret West's nest-like cabanon in the forest of pine trees surrounding the dunes of Holkham Beach in Norfolk. Here's what he says about it:
"It is intended as a man-made nest propped above the fragile dunes that form the extraordinary amphitheatre setting of this beach. Unlike the colourful beach huts sitting on the sand, this structure has organic forms made of timber that blend with the trunks of the surrounding forest. The plan follows the shape of a three-leaf clover: one leaf for Lying, another for Standing (cooking and showering) and the third for Sitting (table and desk). When not in use, the stair leading to the Nest collapses back into the structure. Externally, a weave of marine plywood strips forms a pattern of honeycomb apertures that shade the structure."
There are also a couple of videos of the architects at work including Pippa Nissen, below, who was also inspired by her morning cup of coffee.
Well worth a browse.

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