Monday, March 30, 2009

Shed Chic preview

A nice piece by Sally Coulthard in The Sunday Times ahead of the publication of her new book Shed Chic next week casts a general eye over the world of shedlike atmospheres. As she says:
"Even in today’s depressed market, a shed can add modestly to your property’s price tag, but most people build one because they want to stay, not move, and they use them not only for storage, but as a place to work. Hence the rise of the shed-office, with a wireless broadband connection."
We'll be reviewing her book later in the week here on Shedworking. There's also a more general piece - Tips for shed heaven - in the same paper.

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  1. Sally Coulthard2:11 PM

    Hi - I'm Sally Coulthard, the author of the new Shed Chic book you kindly mentioned and a huge fan of Shedworking. I just wanted to say that it was the Sunday Times who added the random comment about the new Discovery Shed channel - not me - and I totally agree that it's a bizarre addition to the text! Things often get added to freelance submissions, without your knowledge, and you don't get to read them before they get printed. Hey ho.

  2. Ah, I thought it seemed a strange thing to write. I've amended the post.

  3. Sally Coulthard3:42 PM

    Thanks Alex. You'll be glad to know that Shedworking gets a mention in the Useful Contacts section at the back of the book!