Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not everyone 'gets' shedworking

Imran Ali at Web Worker Daily has written about the OfficePOD which we featured last week. After discussing the structure he goes on to describe it as a "slight oddity" and, more controversially, "providing a solution to a problem that most telecommuters and web workers simply don’t have". He continues:
"Increasingly, as families begin to accommodate multiple web workers and telecommuters within the home, house design will need to explicitly accommodate permanent working areas, rather than repurposing a dining area, spare bedroom or cramped study for work. I can’t help but think that the OfficePOD isn’t a good solution. If you have little space within the home to work, chances are your property doesn’t have a garden or yard that can accommodate a “parked office” outside!"
I've tried a couple of times to comment on the story at WWD but for some reason my comments aren't showing up...


  1. Yep, I agree. Having your own home office space - especially in its own separate location - is very different from mixing dining, living, sleeping and office space together. Go shed, I say!

  2. Je suis assez d'accord… De plus cet espace ressemble à un bout d'OpenSpace "aseptisé" rapatrié chez soi, rien de bien chaleureux pour un travailleur à domicile qui a, bien au contraire, envie d'un cadre différent de son bureau…!!