Monday, March 02, 2009

Name That Shed: Lindley Murray summerhouse

Lindley Murray (1745-1826) was a grammarian (sometimes called the 'father of English grammar'), originally from a Quaker family from Pennsylvania who moved to York, England, also home to a thriving Quaker community. His textbooks were hugely popular - Abraham Lincoln was a big fan - in the 19th century though he is sadly not so well known now. Some of his work was written in the summerhouse above which is now in the grounds of The Mount school in York, one of the city's two Quaker schools (I went to the other one, Bootham) where you can view it by prior appointment. It also contains his writing desk and chair. The summerhouse also appears on the front of Stephen Allott's nice little book Lindley Murray: Quaker Grammarian published by Sessions of York.Well done to Andy Bantock who successfully named that shed.

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