Friday, March 13, 2009

Shedworking swap shop

This is only really a tiny acorn of an idea but I'm hoping it might turn into an attractive sapling. Many of you will remember Swap Shop, the Saturday morning television programme during which people, well, swapped stuff. How about a virtual Shedworking Swap Shop in which shedworkers offered their skills in return for services from other shedworkers? We could put up a monthly list on Shedworking, let people contact each other (or via me if you'd prefer) and then everybody would be happier. For example, I could help with drafting a press release (I'm a journalist in real life). And no money need change hands. What do you think? Deal or no deal?


  1. good idea...

    but not sure what I have to swap

    web skills and beard growing I think

  2. Good idea, Alex - but I am a journo like yourself, so would probably be encroaching on your area of expertise!
    x Elspeth

  3. great idea.....interesting idea thinking about what we would would you propose we talk about our skills, the ones we might be that we share?

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    This idea has great potential IMHO. Should incude online swappage of work, etc. as well as distance swappage of items, tools, and such.

  5. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Interesting. There was a bit on the radio today about the Lewes Pound and this is a virtual version of that.

    I've done a bit of maths and physics and written a bit of software if that's any use to anyone and I've built a few sheds too.

    Maggie Philbin's also been in my shed and she said it was very nice.

  6. You can't leave us hanging like that Simon. Tell us more about why the devil Maggie P has been in your shed!

  7. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Hi Alex. Maggie did an outside broadcast for BBC Radio Berkshire from my shed after it's placing last year in National Shed of the Year.