Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boxes by SOMA Design

Boxes - pictured above - is due to be built in summer this year in Lancaster by John Kingston and Franklyn Weber of SOMA Design, the clever folk behind one of the winners of the Bathing Beauties beach hut competition we covered extensively on Shedworking. According to SOMA, the client wants a "playful structure which combines traditional building techniques with modern ideas on design and ecology". Here's their solution:
"Boxes is based on green oak frameworks with a coloured wattle and daub in-fill and sedum is the covering on all roof surfaces. The glass porch area is a concession to more modern building methods as well as being a pleasant room for lounging in when Lancaster's weather is less inviting... It goes without saying that Boxes is fitted out to the highest standard expected of today's outdoor rooms."

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  1. We get all of our glass sheets free by salvaging sliding storm doors, and windows that have leaked out the gas that is sealed in between the glass. We unscrew the frames and slit the seals carefully with a razor knife. We built a very neat green hous that way about twenty years ago.
    Walt Barrett