Monday, March 23, 2009

Discovery Shed launches

New television channel Discovery Shed - a channel for men who enjoy things like fishing, DIY, build, cars, bikes and outdoor adventure (and I'm hoping to see some shed-based programming too) - is now up and shedding. In an interesting press release, they suggest that "a third of British blokes believe their ‘me-time’ is dwindling, with forty-two per cent getting less than an hour a day to take any time for themselves". They go on to suggest that the pressures of work and family life appear to be hitting men harder than women - a third of chaps confess to rising stress levels during the last six months, compared with less than one in five females. I'd be interested in your comments...

Which is somewhat at a tangent to the launch which is kicking off with the ‘Gone Fishing’ campaign, urging men to take time out of their lives to indulge in some productive ‘me-time.’ Discovery Shed is on Sky 242 and Virgin 27.

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