Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to convince your boss to let you shedwork

A nice piece in Forbes by Alexandra Levit looks at how you can convince your boss that working from home, and ideally shedworking, is a 'good thing'. Here's a snippet:
To make the argument for telecommuting, prepare a written proposal that puts the organization first and addresses, upfront, the issues you know your boss will be concerned about. "The key is to present teleworking as a benefit to the employer," says Michelle Goodman, a teleworker and author of My So-Called Freelance Life (Seal Press, 2008). "I was once offered a contracting position in which I explained that I could get the same amount of work done in three-quarters of the time from my own office--without the usual interruptions that come with working in a room full of people. It would also be one fewer desk, phone and computer they had to provide, and one more notch in their belt as an earth-friendly employer that does what it can to keep cars off the road."
Well worth a browse, if only for the picture gallery showing off deliriously happy homeworkers.
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