Sunday, March 01, 2009

Side Street Projects: mobile shedworking

Side Street Projects has finished its two-year project to turn itself into a fully-mobile, off-grid, community-based arts organisation. Their offices are two restored vintage travel trailers manufactured by J. Paul Getty's Spartan Aircraft Corporation which are powered using solar energy. Side Street provides activities and services for children, artists, and members of the community and aims to mover around the area, 'parking' in unused spaces to serve new communities. As they say:
"Being on-the-road and off-the-grid gives us the unique capacity to plug into a variety of transitional and unused spaces throughout the City, both public and private, ironically achieving a sort of stability through mobility."
Pictured above is the solar trailer. Below, Emily Hopkins from Side Street shedworking in the 1953 Spartan Imperial Mansion and an interior shot of the refurbished 1949 Spartan Mansion. Side Street Projects' Mobile Headquarters were made possible by grants from the Pasadena Community Foundation and the Ahmanson Foundation. There are lots more photos at their Flickr site, including many of the actual build. Well worth a browse.Via Treehugger

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