Friday, March 27, 2009

OfficePOD: for employers AND employees

Now here's a bit of a seachange: a garden office supplier targeting employers to tell them about the benefits of shedworking. OfficePOD believes that employers need to think more about encouraging shedworking (particularly of course in their own model, pictured above and below. Here's what they say:
We designed our service to deliver, on behalf of the employer, a proper and fully implemented home working programme. This we know, from experience, has to be a separate space dedicated to productive work that is both safe and compliant in legislative terms.
So, for example, not only do they offer a flexible lease option to encourage take-up - and argue that while it costs £9,000 a year to have an employee in an office building, leasing an OfficePOD is only 5,000 per year - they point out that a nice environment is conducive to productive work and believe they have created "a product that staff would want, and even be proud to have, in their garden".As for the garden office itself, it's a rather natty 2.1m square structure (to help ease planning problems), prefab to speed up construction, and with various green boasts (recycled/recyclable materials, etc) and a special cooling system. Here's what they claim:
Whilst not strictly applicable, calculations show that an OfficePOD achieves the highest rating under the government's EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) scheme as well as an indicative BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Energy Assessment Methods) rating of 'Excellent'. Adopting OfficePOD will also create massive CO2 reductions - a positive step for organisations looking to adopt The Carbon Trust Standard.
There's also an OfficePOD blogVia Treehugger and Springwise

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