Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Barnwell Parker Geoscience Ltd: ecoshedworking

Barnwell Parker Geoscience Ltd is run by Andrew Barnwell and Sarah Parker who are geophysical and geological consultants to the international oil & gas industry. Based in Tan y Berllan Isaf, North Wales, they run their business from a marvellous and eco-friendly garden office. The splendid green roof (which you can get up onto to wander around) was inspired by a wooden cabin in Norway where Andrew and Sarah (pictured below, shedworking) once worked, while the insulation is natural sheep fleece from Wales. Indeed, all the timber used in the build is a mixture of recycled or renewable local larch planks. A nice additional touch is the wood burner used to heat the office (though with all that insulation it probably doesn't need much).

The shed is fully kitted out to enable longterm stays(it has a lavatory and washbasin). Indeed, when the family was building the house and living in a static caravan on site, they all decamped to the shed to sleep during stormy/freezing weather and electricity cuts. Friends have also slept in it. So it's a multipurpose shedlike atmosphere.

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