Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The lure of treehouses

A nice piece in The Independent by Charlotte Philby looks at the joys of treehouses and the many shapes and sizes they now come in, such as the Free Spririt Spheres pictured above which will be familiar to Shedworking's readers. The piece is on the back of 'New Treehouses of the World' by Pete Nelson, published by Abrams and due out in May. Here's a snippet:
"According to the American architect and arboreal enthusiast Pete Nelson, "the treehouse possesses a transformative power. It speaks an ancient language, and the message is universal: 'Climb up and be in harmony with nature. Let go of earthbound encumbrances and be free.'" Spellbound by these homes in the sky, Nelson set upon a journey across six continents in search of modern treehouses that raise the stakes in creative design."
Among treehouses featured is a treehouse church which took 15 years to build and is 100ft high. Well worth a browse.

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