Saturday, March 21, 2009

Name That Shed

Something iconic was invented/made in this shed (actually this is a replica in a museum, the original sadly no longer being with us). Can you 'name that shed'? Answers by email to me please or cryptically in the comments below...


  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    This is a replica of the Northampton workshop of Hesikiah Tow (fl1862). The machinery was for the production of bootlaces to meet the growing demand for stopping boots falling of as prosperity made it possible for more people to wear proper boots. He could not afford a house but he could afford a garden and in this garden he built a shed. (see Moxon's 'History of Northamptonshire Shoemaking'). In later years he moved to Havant where he was well-respected.

  2. is it edward scissorhands?

  3. Hopefully he invented insulation.

  4. Well that's a great guess anonymous but I'm afraid it's not quite right.

    Emmat - again, close, but no cigar

    Fiona - almost the opposite of insulation...

  5. That'll be hog heaven then.