Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ingalls Street Studio

It's always a pleasure to follow a garden office build right from the start and that's what Alan Bucknam has been kind enough to let us do on Shedworking. Over the coming months we'll be posting regularly on the building of his Ingalls Street backyard studio for his design practice (and there'll be more details in the Shedworking book coming out next year). As Alan says: "With three kids at home, all under the age of five, it's nice to stay close and watch them grow up."

The design, pictured above, is the work of architect Liz Biondi from Tamzin Architecture. At the moment, they're still at the drawing board stage, costing out materials and deciding how much work Alan will do on the construction himself. Here's how Liz describes the project:
The cost of providing the studio with water and gas was prohibitive thus by default heat and power were to be provided by electricity. We chose go the route of passive and active solar for the majority of the power needed. Being a small space the power can be provided by solar with electrical hook up as a back up. Additional power generated by the solar panel array can feed to the primary residence.
Keep an eye out for future updates.
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