Monday, January 26, 2009

Name That Shed: Hastings huts

Well done all those of you who correctly guessed that Saturday's sheds were in Hastings (maybe not too tricky for those of you who live in Rye). More details from the Hastings Fishermens Museum who say:
"The tall black wooden sheds close to the Museum are the ‘net shops’, built as stores to keep fishing gear dry. They are unique to Hastings, and are beloved by artists. In early Victorian times they were laid out in these narrow rows with very limited ground space because the sea then used to come up to where the miniature railway line is today. They are up to 30 feet high, and many have cellars. Scores of nets made of natural materials would be hung up inside, along with ropes and chains. The Museum has a display inside the net shop next to the Museum door, and has also made two net shops from a cut-up Hastings boat."
The museum is pictured above and below.Photos by Elspeth Thompson.

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  1. I keep seeing these on the flickr group.... they are great sheds for a exact use....

  2. Thanks for featuring the Net Sheds - and I'm glad the wonderful Fishermen's Museum gets a plug. It is well worth visiting - time it right and you can get great fresh fish and chips afterwards!
    x Elspeth