Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Indy House: four shedworking designs

Ellen Honigstock Architects has been looking at several designs for what they call Indy House, a proposed secondary space in Indianapolis adjacent to a single family home to function mainly as an artist’s and writer's studio: it will also be as eco-friendly as possible in terms of design and construction (modular, to save on material costs, ease of constructability and time; zero energy, so it has a net energy of zero over the course of a year; and passive solar elements, to heat and cool the house). There's a particularly interesting interview with the owners about what they want here, but there are four main design possibilities:

SCHEME A (pictured top): With roof deck, full south glazing and transom window.
SCHEME B (above): With north facing deck, south facing solar system, and horizontal louvers shading southern facadeSCHEME C (above): With an “L” shaped roof and sun shading/heat control louvers on the south facadeSCHEME D: With a “V” shaped roof for light penetration, water catchment possibilities, and folding doors with shading/heat control louvers.

Which do you like best?


  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    The choice all depends on the climate and site. No one design can be right for everyone and every site.

  2. I like Scheme B the best. Optimum for the most solar panels facing the sun. The shutters protect from sun in the summer and allow sun in during the winter ... they are based on summer and winter sun angles.

    There are so many problems with a "V" roof.