Monday, January 12, 2009

Enterprise Nation - top five home businesses in 2009

For her first column in 2009, Emma Jones from Enterprise Nation gazes into her crystal ball...
You can guarantee that the number of businesses started at home will increase in 2009. That’s for sure. And it’s on account of lower start-up costs, lack of commute and the fact that many more people will launch a part-time business; holding down a day job and returning home to build a business at nights and weekends. But what will these businesses be doing? Here’s a list of what we think will be the top 5 home business occupations of 2009.

Arts and crafts

Driving this growth is the increasing number of platform sites offering a window to the world for products. In a recent feature, we reviewed five such sites, from the globe-sprawling to UK upstarts such as and They all offer a powerful sales channel for artisans and are a key factor in the continued rise in arts and craft home based business.

Business services
Expect to see thousands of new businesses started by professional experts including web site designers, accountants, copywriters, lawyers and recruiters. Skilled and talented individuals are leaving employers (or, in the unfortunate case of redundancy, being asked to leave) and choosing to go off and do a better job on their own. We hear from many who are enjoying the new-found freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss.

Making Money Online
You can’t ignore the web. And why would we, when it’s delivering so many new opportunities for people to make money. Start a part time business on eBay and build up sales. Launch an online store with and watch the orders come in. Build traffic to your blog or website and generate advertising and sponsorship. By the time the year is out there’ll be dozens more new ways of making money online and home business owners will be making the most of them.

Domestic services
If people aren’t moving homes in 2009, they will be improving them. This throws up a raft of opportunities for new home business owners. We predict a rise in the number of businesses offering services from cleaning to interior design and garden landscaping,

This final one isn’t an occupation as such but we are confident of seeing a rise in the number of people opting to buy into a franchise. In doing so, business owners benefit from being their own boss but also being part of a team. Outfits to benefit from this will include Travel Counsellors, Virgin Vie, My Secret Kitchen and Girlie Gardening.

Emma Jones is Founder of Enterprise Nation and author of ‘Spare Room Start Up – how to start a business from home’


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