Wednesday, January 07, 2009

BusinessWeek predicts rise in shedworking

Christopher Palmeri at BusinessWeek has been predicting what the house of the future will look like ahead of the Las Vegas building spectacular later this month. Among his crystal ball predictions is this one which is spot on:
The Home Office No longer just a spare bedroom, the home office is evolving into an entirely separate structure such as a casita in the backyard or even a separate wing near the garage. Having a separate entrance for the home office allows today's increasingly mobile workforce to receive work-related visitors or hire an assistant at home without having these people traipse through the main house.
Other related thoughts include a move towards more use of outside space and greater interest in green building techniques and materials. Well worth a browse.


  1. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Very interested to look through all the posts here.
    Can you/anyone give me some more imformation about Boulton & Paul revolving 'Sunhouses'
    I've been asked to renovate one and would welcome some feedback.

  2. We have mentioned them briefly elsewhere on Shedworking at:

    If you'd like to send me some more details I'd be happy to put up a post on the main site.