Sunday, January 04, 2009

"My garden runs only at the side of my property..."

A pertinent question from Shedworking reader Wendy following the recent changes in planning permission rules:
"My garden runs only at the side of my property, i.e between the house and the highway, with no back or front aspect. It is totally enclosed by a 3.5 - 4 metre high wall. The wording re 'No outbuildings forward of the principle elevation fronting a highway' begs the following questions:
a) Does that apply, as the proposed summerhouse will be nearer the road than our house as ALL of our garden is? And if so does that mean we wouldn't be allowed any new garden buildings under the new rules?
b) What does 'fronting' really mean? Our proposed summerhouse won't be fronting the highway as such as it will be totally obscured/concealed by the 4m wall. Or doesn't that make any difference?"
All answers gratefully received. 


  1. nice blog..thanks

  2. Contact your Duty Planning Officer who will be able to give you specific planning advice. It is likely that you will need planning permission. The new regulations are amount to a thinly disguised tax on garden rooms and out buildings, introduced - as often the case - via the back door.