Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creative Charlie

Creative Charlie is an art and crafts projects company for children run by artist Kerri Sellens which encourages children to use recyclable, renewable, and ethical products from an early age. Kerri is also a shedworker and her garden office is pictured above and below (and also in the Feburary issue of House Beautiful magazine). Here's what Kerri says:
"I work from a wooden studio at the bottom of my garden which was built last year. It's great to have a space away from the house to work in, and I've had many happy evenings in there working on projects with a glass of wine and the baby monitor switched on. (It has been a bit chilly in there recently though!. We had the building covered in featherboard, and painted it that dark brown colour to match the the rest of the fencing already in the garden. The door was given to us by our builder who had it left over from a previous job - it was a bit too small for the frame, but he added some wooden strips to both sides to make it fit, and we filled the gaps and painted it grey.

"I dug out the simple pathway that leads from the back door to the studio, and put down some leftover decking off-cuts. The lawn on the left has butted up to the path nicely, and on the right I've got a bit of a mixed border going on with ferns, bamboo and a plum tree. There are some spring bulbs starting to come through now too."
More at Creative Charlie, Kerri's blog and also on twitter.Thanks to Jennifer Pirtle for the alert

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