Friday, January 02, 2009

Choosing a shed - Iron Shirt

Devon-based Iron Shirt offer what they describe as bespoke "fantasy" garden studios, summerhouses, workshops and even homes. They pride themself on their low impact eco cabins which used straw bale construction, green roofs and incorporate solar power. Materials are local and recycled wherever possible and the buildings are built to blend into the landscape. And on top of this, if you source materials or take part in the building, their prices are reduced. There are some lovely examples on their site. Above (and just below) is the Love Shack which comes with glazed oak stable doors, turf and sedum roof, wood burning stove, stained glass windows and an interior finished in papiere mache.Below is the Garden Guest House, built along similar lines. Lots more mouthwatering photos, including straw bale houses like this one below, at their site.


  1. lovely unique buildings would make a great third shed for running a shed based empire in

  2. These are just beautiful little sheds