Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Alun Ward's transporter mix

There's shed art and there's shed art. Getting 2009 off to a very impressive start at the OVADA Gallery in Oxford (see below for the opening times) is Alun Ward's Transporter Mix which he describes as an "interactive participatory piece which invites the viewer to step into micro-environments linked, via sound, to very different locations and places in time". (Readers with good memories may remember the similarish Sonic Sheds project). Here's how he describes it:
"The installation comprises a wooden shed with a floor surface of earth, shingle, sand, woodland debris, and freshly cut turf. The viewer is invited to remove their socks and shoes (optional but encouraged), don the headphones provided, and enter. Once inside, the individual participant can close their eyes, explore the surfaces, and listen. The artist sits outside, mixing different recordings to alternately align the sounds to the surfaces, or to create disjunctions between the two. These recordings have been made by the artist across the UK - in a line that extends from the North West Highlands of Scotland to Brighton beach - in woodlands and meadows, on lawns, beaches, hillsides and riversides. The combination of auditory and sensory input serves to transport the participant to remembered or imaginary locations."
There's only room for one person at a time who has around five minutes to enjoy the shed. The show runs at the OVADA Gallery, Oxford, today, tomorrow and Friday 12-6pm, Saturday 11-4pm and there's an evening event on Thursday from 6pm onwards, but even if you can't make it to Oxford, do nip along to Alun's site which is a shedlike haven of calm.
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