Thursday, January 22, 2009

Charlotte Gusay: shedworker

Literary agent Charlotte Gusay has been a shedworker for five years ago, based in the garden office she built with husband Bobby Milder (on the site of a former mock 12th century Japanese teahouse) using an Edgar Blazona plan. It has plenty of glass and burnished, corrugated metal sidings, a daybed its own little garden, designed by landscape architect Alan Bernstein, with armchair and bench seating plus outdoor shower.Here's what she told Debra Prinzing at Shed Style:
"I really love (my shed). Sometimes, when I’m overly pressured, I just go out here and look around, listen to the gravel crunch under my footsteps, pick up a leaf or two, lean on the wall, look at the sky. Gaze at the view of the garden from inside the little room."
Via Shed Style

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