Thursday, January 22, 2009

Children need sheds too - Träd

We've been a bit remiss in looking at shedlike atmospheres for children this year, but this one is lovely. It's called Träd and comes from designers Josue Gamonal and Vicente Porres who won the Third María Martínez Otero Industrially-Produced Designer Furniture Award for the design. Here's what the judges panel said:
"Trad is a shelter, a personal space where children carry out their fantasies and games. A place that allows them to feel safe, to learn and to imagine. That enchanted wood where one can dream of heroes and princesses, witches and dragons... and live a thousand and one adventures. The tree, as an icon for wisdom, shelter and playground, symbol of life and growth. Approach to an increasingly absent nature, as a comeback to traditional games, towards imagination development, with no artifices, as a basis for the growth of the child's personal world."
Via Yanko Design

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  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Nice, just what the childrens want!!!
    So sweet