Friday, January 16, 2009

Around the shedworld (video post)

I'm still learning so please forgive the slightly wandering eyes. All comments and suggestions for items I've missed (especially via seesmic) very welcome. Here are the links mentioned above:

Trevor Baylis reappointed as judge for Shed of the Year

Just Sheds Flickr group passes 3,000 mark
Tiny House Blog: Gratitude Millworks-llc/
Victorian flea circus chariot made in shed
Art shed in Ugra national park at Judit Bellostes

The Independent on coffee and hallucinations
Planet Green on green homeworking
James Westwater Homeless Chateau comment
New WHY blog
Enterprise Nation interviews House Tutor
Chief Home Officer is a nimble ship owner


  1. I think this works well Alex...

    a lot better than my video attempts during shed week last year...

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Hi Alex, that looks to be filmed in your house or do you have a very fancy shed? I am glad you liked the chariot project.
    I will be having some shed renovations later in the year when the weather improves and once I've decided what to do with the roof. Thinking about a clock tower at the moment but as the wife says, "you should sit on that thought till it goes away"