Monday, January 05, 2009

Morris & Ball: The Office

Morris & Ball's impressive garden 'The Office' (above) for the RHS Tatton flower show in 2005 is a reminder that shedworkers work in gardens: it seems needlessly obvious to say so, but we believe the garden is a key part in the success of shedworking and enjoying your garden office. Morris & Ball's garden (also featured on the BBC's Gardener's World) was designed "to blend working life with outdoor living, to provide a calming space". Interestingly, the varying levels of plants were intended to represent both the office workers (Rudbekia and Gaillardia) and their managers (acers), providing a blend of office life and outside relaxation. Which brings me to the question - if any plant represented you and your shedworking lifestyle, which one would it be?

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