Monday, January 05, 2009

From 'shed' to Asian garden office 'sanctuary'

HDR Remodeling specialises in bathroom and kitchen remodeling as well as garage and basement conversions plus outside living spaces (and is a member of Build It Green). They have an excellent detailed case study with lots of photos of how an unwanted shed was turned into a lovely garden office (above) as they explain:
"The Owners' passion for Asian influenced design set the tone for the Project. They valued the simplicity and aesthetics of the Asian architecture complimented with the fine attention to detail. Beyond the design statement, the Owners required an office removed from the main residence in order to segregate work from the solace of their living space. Although the garden office would be a professional environment, it had to also harbor a sense of tranquility and discipline; again, elements of the Asian culture."
The finished building includes a courtyard and stone bridge leading from the main house to the new garden office, double sliding doors and Japanese gates.

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  1. I love it. Really, really imaginative.

  2. I'm slightly concerned that due to the handcrafted authentic way the Japanese gates are installed, someone could just come along and, err, nick them.

  3. Man, I wish I could do something like that for my shed. This one looks fantastic! I need landscape/hardscape design ideas around my backyard shed office. The backyard itself needs a complete makeover. I'd like to transform it into a Japanese garden theme. As you can see, the shed does not conform to this endeavor. My structure is elevated on pier blocks and I'm not sure how to cover that gap at the bottom. I'm thinking of wrapping a narrow deck around it with some plants, what kind --I have no idea. Is there something else I can do to the exterior, a certain color paint or wood trim that would give it a Japanese sensibility? Any help would be appreciated. This is my Backyard Shed Office