Monday, January 05, 2009

The Beach Hut Man

Brighton & Hove-based Scott Jardine is the selfstyled Beach Hut Man and builds, repairs and paints beach huts (he also rebuilds and sells them). As well as building beach hut interiors, he also provides bespoke garden buildings. His huts feature:
* stainless-steel screws and bolts to prevent salt-corrosion
* high quality planed and treated timber, aluminium-primed before painting
* solid wooden tanalised (pressure-treated) floorboards
* 'Hit & Miss' ventilation at each gable-end to prevent mildew
* solid 4" thick doorframe.
* cladded doors built with three layers for added security
* large galvanised Brenton-bolts and stainless-steel ABUS 'diskus' locks to deter vandalism
* external-grade plywood throughout
* bitumen treated base-frame, raised above the promenade onto concrete slabs to resist wet and rot

Here's what he says:
"If you have ever owned a beach hut yourself, you will understand that there is no better way to spend a weekend. Our favourite pastime is sitting outside of our hut on summer evenings. We love nothing better than to watch the sun go down in the west with a glass of wine in hand. I service most of the 440 or so beach huts on Hove Esplanade and have met hundreds of beach hut owners and many interesting characters on the seafront. I believe in fostering a sense of community and mutual support amongst beach hut owners. I love to share advice and information regarding beach hut ownership. My aim is to promote and enhance the existence, appearance and security of beach huts through my work."
If you have a beach hut in the area, it's well worth having a look at his attractive site.

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